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1. A student should first exhaust the established AACC student complaint procedures.

2. After exhausting the complaint/grievance procedures established by the institution, a student may submit a specific type of complaint to the appropriate agency or organization as described below:

  • A complaint pertaining to occupational or professional licensure requirements shall be submitted to the appropriate licensing board or entity. The student may obtain contact information from the AACC instructional department responsible for the licensure preparation program.
  • A complaint concerning compliance with the standards of accreditation shall be submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education at
  • A complaint concerning online courses taken by out-of-state students (with the exception of California) shall be submitted to Maryland's State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement portal agency (Maryland Higher Education Commission). Students may also file a complaint with the appropriate State Complaint Agency provided on the Contact Information list. Students residing in California may submit complaints to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
  • A complaint pertaining to potential violations of consumer protection shall be submitted to:

    Consumer Protection Division
    Office of the Attorney General
    200 Saint Paul Place
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Telephone: 410-528-8662

  • A complaint concerning discrimination shall be submitted to:

    Office for Civil Rights, Philadelphia Office
    1.S. Department of Education
    100 Penn Square E., Suite 515
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3323
    Telephone: 215-656-8541

3. Disposition of complaints involving alleged violations of the Education Article or the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 13B Maryland Higher Education Commission.

  • A student shall submit a complaint involving an alleged violation of the Education Article or COMAR Title 13B to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). A complaint shall be in writing and signed by the student utilizing the MHEC Student Complaint Form. A complaint pertaining to matters other than the Education Article or COMAR Title 13B will not be entertained by the commission, and will not be referred to another agency or organization.
  • Upon receipt of a signed complaint involving an alleged violation of the Education Article or COMAR Title 13B the commission will acknowledge and investigate the complaint by:

    - Directing the institutional President to look into the matter and report to the Commission.
    - The commission staff may interview the institution’s employees and the complainant.

  • The commission may take regulatory action based on its review and in accordance with the Education Article and COMAR Title 13B.