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I. Purpose 

A. The purpose of this Interim Student Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances Policy (“Policy”) is to describe the conditions under which the College will allow Students to withdraw from classes for Extenuating Circumstances and provide credits or refunds to such Students. 

II. Scope and Applicability 

A. This Policy applies to all Students of the College.

III. Definitions 

A. Students include individuals who have enrolled in a class or classes at the College. 

B. Drop Deadline is a designated time period during the start of each term where students may drop courses without penalty or financial obligation.

C. Extenuating Circumstances include the following circumstances that, in the determination of the College’s Tuition Adjustment Committee, inhibit the Student’s ability to acquire an education at the College. Extenuating Circumstances include:

1. Illness, injury or hospitalization of the Student;

2. Mental health and wellness concerns of the Student; or

3. Other circumstances as determined by the Tuition Adjustment Committee.

D. Tuition Adjustment Committee is the Registrar or designee, Financial Aid Director or designee, and Accounts Receivable Manager or designee. 

E. Tuition and Fees are tuition and fees regularly published on the College’s website at the time of the Student’s attendance. 

F. Withdrawal occurs when the Student withdraws from any or all classes at the College. 

IV. Policy Provisions 

A. Students shall be permitted to withdraw from classes for Extenuating Circumstances. 

B. Students who drop classes prior to the published drop deadline will be refunded one hundred percent of tuition and fees paid to the College by the Student. 

C. Students who withdraw after the published drop deadline may receive a partial refund or no refund, depending on the date of withdrawal. 

D. Students who withdraw from a class or classes after the drop deadline due to Extenuating Circumstances will be issued a credit for one hundred percent of tuition and fees paid to the College by the Student for that class or classes or, at their option, refunded such tuition and fees. 

E. Refunds and return of federal funds for Students who are recipients of Federal financial aid will be based on applicable federal law and regulations. 

F. Refunds from scholarships and non-federal financial aid will be based on the applicable terms of such scholarships and aid. 

G. The Board of Trustees authorizes the College to adopt such procedures as necessary to implement this Policy.  

Policy Title: Interim Student Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Policy Category: Student Affairs 

Policy Owner: Vice President of Learner Support Services 

Policy Administrator: Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Contact Information: Email:     

Approval Date: June 18, 2024

Effective Date: July 1, 2024 

History: N/A

Applies to: Students of the College.  

Related Policies: N/A 

Related Procedures: N/A 

Forms/Guidelines: N/A

Relevant Laws: Md. Code Annotated, Education, Section 15-138.