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Trustee Emeritus status is an honor granted by the Board of Trustees to a member, who under normal circumstances will have been off the Board for one year, in recognition of the member’s significant and lasting contributions to Anne Arundel Community College. 

A candidate for Emeritus Status shall be recommended to the chair of the Board by a sitting member of the Board of Trustees.  

For a past member of the Board to be eligible and considered for Emeritus Status the member shall have satisfied as a minimum the following criteria during his/her tenure on the Board: 

a) Appointed to serve at least two terms on the Board; and
b) Served as the chair of the Board; and
c) Served as the chair of at least one Board committee; and
d) Provided extraordinarily significant contributions to the college during his/her tenure on the Board which will continue to have a lasting impact on the Institution; and
e) Judged by the Board as an outstanding member throughout his/her tenure on the Board.

An award of Emeritus Status shall be by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees.  The status of Trustee Emeritus shall be conferred by the Board in public session, with appropriate recognition by the college community.

Adopted by the Anne Arundel Community College Board of Trustees the 26th day of February 2008.

Policy Title: Board of Trustees Policy on Trustee Emeritus Status  

Policy Category: General 
Policy Owner: Board Chair 
Policy Administrator: Vice Chair 
Contact Information: 
Approval Date: February 26, 2008 
Effective Date: February 26, 2008 
History: N/A 
Applies to: Former trustees
Related Policies: N/A 
Related Procedures: N/A 
Forms/Guidelines: N/A 
Relevant Laws: N/A