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The money you receive as financial aid is divided among tuition, fees and textbooks. 

Tuition and Fees

Aid is first applied against your unpaid tuition and fees for the current term. The credit is made on your account after the drop/add period has concluded. Award amounts for scholarships and grants are adjusted to reflect your actual enrollment at the conclusion of the drop/add period.

If you are not eligible for financial aid based on your actual enrollment, you must pay all tuition and fees owed. If your total financial aid is not enough to pay your tuition and fees, you must pay the balance by the due date on your bill.

To check the amounts and disbursement dates for your pending aid, log in to MyAACC and go to Menu > Self Services > Credit Students > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Award Payment Details and Dates.

To check the status of your FAFSA, visit

Note: Audited courses are not eligible for payment by any financial aid programs.

Books and Supplies

Eligible enrolled students whose grant, scholarship, and/or certified loan funds exceed their charges may be eligible to use Book Advances to charge their books against their pending aid. Eligible students will be notified by email. If you haven't received your advance by email, sign in to MyAACC. To request a book advance, go to Menu > Self Services > Credit Students > Financial Aid > Book Payment Plan.

If you will not be applying for financial aid, but still need help purchasing books, you may be eligible for a Book Payment Plan. All of your payment plan payments must be current with the cashier’s office. Book Payment Plans may be used only for books and supplies at the AACC Bookstore and must be repaid during the term. Apply at the financial aid office.

VA Benefits

The college also offers an AACC Bookstore Line of Credit up to $500 per term to those using their VA benefits at AACC. The amount spent will be added to your bill for the term. It is your responsibility to pay the account in full by the due date of the last payment plan installment.


If your total financial aid exceeds your tuition, fee and book charges, you will receive the balance of your financial aid in the form of a refund check. You may use these funds to help you pay other education costs such as child care and transportation.

Note that federal regulations require you to cash a federally funded refund check (Title IV funds) within a timely manner, and all refund checks expire 180 days from the issue date of the check.

If you do not cash your refund check within 180 days of the original refund issue date, AACC will cancel the check and the funds will be returned to the loan or grant fund that created the credit balance.

Student Employment

Students who are employed under these programs will receive a payroll check bimonthly for all hours worked.


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