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Home-Based Business Risk Management Checklist

Home-Based Businesses must be screened prior to approval to participate with AACC’s Internship Program.

Prior to submitting a proposal for an internship description:

  • The business must provide evidence of Workers Comp Insurance (e.g., certificate).
  • The business must provide evidence of General Liability Insurance.
  • The business must provide a copy of IRS status.

Before the business receives an intern, AACC faculty and/or staff must conduct a site visit to see that:

  • The intern's physical workspace must be safe and have a direct emergency exit route, and otherwise be considered safe.
  • The intern's duties, explicit or implied, may not include any significant interactions or responsibilities vis-à-vis the proprietor's spouse, partner, children, elders or any other family members, animal companions or visitors.
  • The supervisor/mentor has a plan to support a credit-worthy learning experience under the structure of a clearly defined Learning Plan as approved by the faculty advisor.
  • The supervisor/mentor is appropriately credentialed to mentor a student in the discipline for which academic credit is being pursued.


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