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Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) is a multidisciplinary area of study that includes perspectives from fields such as history, literature, philosophy, art, science, psychology, health, criminal justice, sociology and legal studies. Related courses focus on the role that gender and sexuality play in the development of individual identities, relationships and social institutions. Courses promote an understanding of power and privilege in society. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by analyzing how gender and sexuality relates to other social variables such as class, race, ethnicity and disability.

Students interested in Gender and Sexuality Studies often express an interest in social justice causes and activism. Many students come to college wanting to change the world and make a difference in their communities. Students often pursue careers in social work, policy, political science, nonprofit advocacy, law and other related fields where they can have a positive impact locally, nationally and globally.

Majors and Offerings

The department offers both a degree and certificate concentrating in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

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Faculty and Staff

Heather Rellihan, professor and program coordinator
HUM 113A

Resources for Students


The Gay Straight Alliance educates the LGBTQ community and its allies about queer history and queer cultures. It also works to foster an affirming, supportive campus community for LGBTQ students and their straight allies.

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Rainbow Network

The AACC Rainbow Network (ARN) is a community of administrators, faculty, and staff who actively advocate for LGBTQ equity and fight homophobia on campus.

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