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Engineering Classroom professor demonstration

Do you like working with your hands, especially taking things apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again? That’s what we do in this department, including engineering, electrical engineering and the growing field of mechatronics, which combines the other two fields with computer software. We can help you prepare for a job, advance your current career or transfer to a four-year degree program.

Areas and Offerings

AACC offers a full range of Engineering and Electronics Technology programs to prepare students for exciting jobs in industry, government and for transfer to a four-year institution.  Learn more about our areas of study:

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Elizabeth Baran, associate professor

Full-time Faculty

Timothy Callinan, associate professor

Peggy Walton, instructional specialist

Resources for Students

Drs. Richard and Jewell Wunderlich Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Wunderlich family have established a mechatronics scholarship for AACC students. The purpose of this scholarship is to supplement or augment the expenses of a student enrolling full time. The recipient shall meet the following eligibility:

  • Financial need established by Student Financial Services.
  • Awarded to a student pursuing Mechatronics.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (high school GPA is acceptable).
  • Preference given to a female student.
  • Preference given to a student residing in a single parent home.
  • Seeking a degree or certificate.
  • Resident of Anne Arundel County.

The Mechatronics program faculty and staff are extremely grateful for the Wunderlich's support! This scholarship will change the life of a student every year!

Learn how to apply for AACC scholarships.

Second Friday Engineering Series

Join us in the afternoon of the second Friday of each month during the fall and spring semesters for a special engineering event featuring guest speakers from local industry or universities, field trips to industry and area university engineering programs.


Consider expanding your learning beyond the classroom by becoming an intern. Whether you are looking to apply learning to a career or transfer to a four-year program, internships provide valuable experience and industry contacts. For more information about Engineering internships, contact Tricia Acton, Internship and Job Developer at

Employer Networking

We actively network with businesses to serve both the needs of our students and local industry. Our business contacts help guide our curriculum through informal conversations and formal Advisory Board meetings, so that we remain relevant to the changing needs of local and regional industry.

Here is a brief list of the type of skills that we teach our students:

  • Industrial safety fundamentals (Lockout/Tagout, personal protection equipment, etc.).
  • Use of hand tools (screwdrivers, files, hammers, saws, etc.).
  • Precision measurement (calipers, micrometers, etc.).
  • Basic electricity (single phase and three phase power, AC to DC conversion, etc.).
  • Relays and contactors.
  • Ladder diagrams.
  • Voltage, current and resistance relationships for AC and DC circuits.
  • Electric motors (AC and DC) and solenoids.
  • VFD control of AC motors.
  • Stepper and servo motors.
  • PLC programming.
  • Industrial sensors (temperature, flow, capacitive, inductive, etc.).
  • Fundamentals of technical drafting & solid-modeling using Solidworks.
  • Proper use of electronic measurement equipment (voltmeters, oscilloscopes, clamp-on ammeters, etc).
  • Basic Pneumatics and Hydraulics.
  • 6 Axis Industrial Robotics Systems ABB.

The Mechatronics program faculty and staff firmly believe that the success of our program is based on the success of our students. We seek out employment opportunities for our current students and graduates on a daily basis. We are dedicated to enhancing the student experience in our program by integrating industry-relevant tours, guest speakers and internship opportunities whenever possible.


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