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Virtual Q&A for Non-US Citizen & MD Dream Act Students

Join us for a virtual question-and-answer session for non-U.S. citizens with other types of visa or status (e.g., Permanent Resident, Asylee, J-1 visa, Undocumented, etc.) and Maryland Dream Act students.

Join us for a virtual question-and-answer session where we'll provide an overview of AACC programs or majors, student services and the application process and a virtual tour of the campus. We'll also answer specific college-based, student-related questions as well as overall AACC college-related inquiries.

For information about the online application process, attend one (or more) of these question-and-answer sessions, talk with AACC admissions officer for international students or visit our International Students webpage. 

These question-and-answer sessions are for all interested students and their families. All sessions are virtual via Zoom. Register now to access the virtual session.