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Learning Through Experience. Meeting Community Needs.

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AACC encourages, builds, fosters and supports community engagement through service-learning and community service. As the community’s college, giving back is a part of who we are.

We collaborate with community organizations to give career and community service opportunities that engage students in learning beyond the classroom, preparing them for their professional journey. We help students and the community become civically engaged, connecting with nonprofit organizations for volunteer activities that enhance classroom learning, meet community needs and positively influence community life.

Volunteer Opportunities

Serve your community and make a difference.

AACC helps thousands of students, faculty and staff connect to causes that matter to them while providing help to community organizations. There are opportunities for individuals, families, groups and clubs - many of which can be done from home. Volunteer to get experience, meet others and give back to your community.

You can find different volunteer opportunities below:

  • The AACC Volunteer Newsletter is delivered weekly to your inbox with local opportunities. Sign up to receive these emails.
  • Students can join the AACC Student Government Association or other AACC clubs for service opportunities. Check out the Nest to find different AACC organizations.
  • The Volunteer Voice on 1430 WNAV, hosted by AACC, airs at 9:10 a.m. Wednesdays (1430 AM, 99.9 FM). Listen to community nonprofits discuss their upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  • Follow and like AACC Volunteer on Facebook for lots of local volunteer activity.
  • Volunteer Match is a national site that allows for customized searching by ZIP code.
  • If you have court-ordered community service hours to complete, you may be able to find opportunities through Volunteer Match. Note: You must notify any organization you wish to volunteer for that you have court-ordered community service hours to complete and provide information on the nature of your offense. Failure to notify the organization may result in an inability to verify hours completed. Whenever you attend a project, we strongly recommend that you get a community organization official to verify the hours you have served at the end of each project day. It is often difficult to get verification of hours later. AACC does not provide hour verification for any project. Need help? Email

Service-Learning Courses

Service-learning options usually are available in sections of the courses below.


ART-166 – Graphic Design

ART-264 – Fundamentals of Typography

ART-266 – Graphic Design 2


BIO-103 – General Botany

BIO-107 – Environmental Science

BIO-230 – Structure and Function of the Human Body

BIO-231 – Human Biology 1

BIO-232 – Human Biology 2

BIO-233 – Anatomy and Physiology 1

BIO-234 – Anatomy and Physiology 2


BPA-103 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BPA-105 – Exploring the Future

BPA-111 – Business and Its Environment

BPA-120 – Small Business Management

BPA-125 – Marketing Principles

BPA-126 – Advertising and Sales Promotion

BPA-127 – E-marketing

BPA-162 – Business Communications

BPA-171 – Principles of Supervision

BPA-172 – Human Resource Management

BPA-231 – Social Entrepreneurship


CHE-112 - General Chemistry 2

CHE-214 - Organic Chemistry


COM-101 - Introduction to Mass Media

COM-111 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication

COM-200 - Intercultural Communication


DAN-221 - Intermediate Modern Dance 1

DAN-222 - Intermediate Modern Dance 2

DAN-240 - Dance Production


ENG-121 - Composition and Literature

Entrepreneurial Studies

ESI-103 - Entrepreneurial Thinking, Creating and Opportunity Recognition

ESI-104 - Sales and Marketing for Small Business


FTR-105 – Exploring the Future

Gender Studies

GSS-113/HEA-113 – Women’s Health

GSS/HUM-210 – Images of Women


HEA-101 – Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies

HEA/GSS-113 – Women’s Health

HEA-115 – Personal Safety

HEA-230 – Personal Trainer Fundamentals

Hotel/Restaurant Management

HRM-123 – Cooking Techniques 1

HRM-251 – Food and Beverage Operations Management

Human Services

HUS-114 – Counseling, Assessment and Case Management


MAT-221 – Fundamental Concepts of Math


NUR-220 – Nursing of Adult Clients in Health and Illness 2

NUR-221 – Nursing Care of Children and Families


PHL-111 – Introduction to Philosophy

PHL-146 – Contemporary Moral Problems

Physical Science

PHS-100 – Physical Science

Physical Therapist Assistant

PTA-101 – Introduction to Physical Therapist Assisting

Physician Assistant

PHA-114 – Pediatric Medicine 1

PHA-119 – Pediatric Medicine 2


PHY-111 – Fundamentals of Physics


PSY-105 – Exploring the Future

PSY-111 – Introduction to Psychology

PSY-123 – Social Psychology

PSY-211 – Developmental Psychology

PSY-214 – Abnormal Psychology


SOC-105 – Exploring the Future

SOC-111 – Introduction to Sociology


SPA-221 – Intermediate Spanish Conversation


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