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ACH-230 Cost Estimate for Construction

Examine the role of cost estimating in the construction process. Identify concerns and processes related to and involved with estimating construction costs. Review economic factors that affect construction costs. Categorize and calculate construction costs by building materials and systems. Lab fee $40. Prerequisite: ACH 122 and ACH 219 and eligibility for MAT 045, or permission of department chair.

Term: Spring 2020

Course Type: Credit - 4 Credits

Section: 840 (Closed)

Ways to take the class: Hybrid

Days: M

Time: 7:15PM to 8:55PM

Start Date: 02/03/2020

End Date: 05/22/2020

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: CALT 331 Building:
Center for Applied Learning and Technology

Instructor: Kevin McPartland

Class Size: 20

Section Info: Note: section 840 is a hybrid section with class meetings every Monday.