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GSS-102 Intro to Masculinity Studies

Explore issues in the lives of American men. Investigates the interdisciplinary field of masculinity studies by examining contemporary theories of masculinity, changes in the definitions of masculinity in different periods of American history, the sociology and psychology of men's experiences, and gender and sexuality as organizing features of men's lives. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101/ENG 101A. Note: Also offered as AMS 102 and SOC 102; credit is given for only one of the following: AMS 102, GSS 102 or SOC 102.

Term: Spring 2020

Course Type: Credit - 3 Credits

Section: 890

Ways to take the class: Online

Days: Varies

Time: Varies

Start Date: 03/23/2020

End Date: 05/17/2020

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: TBA

Instructor: TBA

Class Size: 25