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EMT-115 Introduction to Paramedic

Integrate appropriate medical language and knowledge of the emergency medical services (EMS) systems with the safety and well-being of the paramedic. Synthesize medicolegal and ethical issues intended to improve the health of EMS personnel, patients and their community. Apply medical mathematical calculations for patient medication administration. Lab fee $50. Prerequisite: Admission into the Paramedic program.

Term: Summer 2021

Course Type: Credit - 2 Credits

Section: 001

Ways to take the class: Face-to-face

Start Date: 07/26/2021

End Date: 08/22/2021

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: TBA

Instructor: Varies

Class Size: 10

Section Info: Note: Students will be required to attend in-person laboratory sessions on campus as determined by the department. Social distance protocols will be followed. Lectures will be online.