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CTP-130 Programming in PHP/MySQL

Use fundamental design principles and problem-solving techniques introduced in CTP 115 to develop Web applications using PHP server-side scripting language and the MySQL relational database management system. Participate in hands-on activities to learn topics that include Web application concepts and environments, PHP language structure, relational database concepts, and techniques to develop Web applications that include database management systems and user interaction. Prerequisite: CTP 115 and CTP 118 or permission of CTP department chair.

Term: Summer 2024

Course Type: Credit - 3 Credits

Section: 200 (Closed)

Ways to take the class: Face-to-face

Start Date: 06/03/2024

End Date: 07/30/2024


Room: TBA

Instructor: Michael J Kelley (Subject to change)

Class Size: 20