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PLP-344 Witchcraft in Salem

Witchcraft in Salem Explore how one of early America's most shocking episodes led to almost 200 accusations, 50 confessions and 20 executions for witchcraft. Evaluate modern explanations from adolescent rebellion to a tainted food supply. $30 includes $29 fee.

Term: Winter 2021

Course Type: Noncredit - 0.0 CEUs

Section: 101 (Closed)

Ways to take the class: Online Sync

Days: TH

Time: 12:00PM to 1:30PM

Start Date: 02/04/2021

End Date: 03/25/2021

Location: Online

Room: Online WB

Instructor: Margaret W Brinsley

Class Size: 24

Section Info: Note: Attendance in online class sessions Thursdays from 12-1:30 p.m. is mandatory for section 101.