Future Students

BIG IDEA Elevator Pitch Competition

The Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies seek to reward students for creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and opportunity recognition.

Is two minutes of your time worth $750?

If you have an innovative idea for a product, business, or improvement on an existing product, and a panel of judges agree it has value, then you could receive a scholarship worth up to $750.

The Sixth Annual BIG IDEA Elevator Pitch Competition will be held on Thursday April 16. All Anne Arundel Community College students in good standing are eligible to enter. The top 12 finalists will pitch their idea to a panel of local business professionals and entrepreneurs. Each pitch is to be no longer than two minutes.


What is an Elevator Pitch?

What is an elevator pitch? Imagine you get on an elevator on the 21st floor and find yourself alone with a potential investor to your innovative idea. You have until the elevator reaches the 1st floor to explain who you are, a problem you see needs solving, and  your idea to solve it. The elevator reaches the first floor and the investor begins to step off. Have you peaked the investor’s interest? Do you receive a business card and an invitation to make an appointment? The right pitch will do just that.

To participate students must register using the online registration form below. Once registered the student will be in a Canvas Big Idea group. A written description must be submitted to the Canvas group for preliminary judging. No one except the judges will be able to see your submission.

There will be two categories of pitches, a general category and a technology category. Please designate on your registration form which category you are entering.

Written submission in Canvas must include:

1.    Title Page

2.    Description of the Problem  (Statement of Need)

3.    Description of Your Innovative Solution (Value Proposition)

The deadline to register is April 1. See below for online registration form. Once registered you will receive an email with further directions.

For more information contact Stephen Berry at smberry1@aacc.edu. To see sample pitches go to:http://www.aacc.edu/esi/bigidea.cfm