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Anne Bashore

Anne Bashore with her children
Adjunct Faculty  
Achieving College and Career Success 
School of Liberal Arts 


Bachelor of Science 
Liberal Arts 
Excelsior College 


  • Writing and stories 
  • Video games 
  • Travel 

A Little More 

Known for her enthusiasm and bubbly personality, Anne Bashore has a knack for establishing personal connections with her Student Success Seminar (ACA-100) students. As a certified engagement coach, she has the skills to assist her students in developing their academic and personal goals. She’s also a self-described nerd who hopes to inspire her students to find their “why” and embrace who they want to be. 

“I love watching students believe in themselves. As they discover what motivates them and how they can harness their values and strengths to power them forward, it's a beautiful thing to witness,” she said. 

In addition to teaching, Bashore serves in administrative support for the federal government. And, as someone who is passionate about inclusion and equity, she served many years as a member of the college's Diversity Committee.

Outside of AACC, the California native is a wife and mother to three sons. She is a published author who is passionate about stories and loves helping others find the power within their own stories. She enjoys immersive video games for their world building and storytelling as well as travel so that she can experience new cultures and foods. 


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