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Lori Perez, Ed.D.

School of Liberal Arts 


Doctor of Education 
School Psychology with specialization in Neuropsychology 
Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Education Specialist 
School Psychology with specialization in Early Intervention 
Valdosta State University 

Master of Education 
Counseling and Guidance 
Valdosta State University 

Bachelor of Science 
Towson University 


  • Reading 
  • An occasional Netflix binge 
  • Traveling – locally, nationally and around the world 
  • Raising her three teenage boys and four dogs 

A Little More 

“Dr. Perez expects a lot. You might expect this class to be an easy A, but you'll work for it. The work isn't hard, but ... it's meaningful — it really helps you to figure out who you are, what you value and what you want out of life. It's clear she cares," proclaimed one of Lori Perez’s students. And it’s a good reflection of Perez’s passion for helping her students reach their potential. 

“I find many times we set the bar lower than we can actually achieve,” she said. “I want my students to work hard and learn that through their hard work and effort, they can achieve their dreams. I want to support them in that journey.” 

Perez’s own journey started at AACC. When she graduated from high school, she didn’t know if college was for her. In fact, she was discouraged by people in her life from attending college. But she has never been one to listen to people who tell her she can’t do something. So she decided to enroll at AACC and that's when she fell in love with psychology. 

“AACC is where I was first inspired to actually work hard in school to pursue my dreams,” she said. “AACC is an excellent school, and I would be proud to see my children graduate from here (in fact, one is just about ready).” 

Perez returned to AACC in 2006 where she has taught psychology courses and is a member of a faculty group that helps ensure AACC’s curriculum and courses advance towards equity, diversity and inclusion. Her favorite thing about teaching at AACC is watching students grow and discover their passion. 

Perez shared that AACC students, “rise to challenges, overcome adversity and pursue their passions — even if they all don't necessarily ‘want’ to be in college, they all have a story, a goal, a dream to share."


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