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Anne Arundel Community College recognizes the critical role of technology assets in supporting its educational and administrative functions. This Information Technology Asset Management Information Technology Requirement (ITR) is established to ensure the efficient and responsible management of all technology assets owned or operated by the college.


This ITR applies to technology assets, including but not limited to computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment, software licenses, peripherals, audiovisual and mobile devices, owned or operated by Anne Arundel Community College.

Technology Asset Management Requirement

  1. The acquisition of new technology assets must follow established procurement procedures, including budget approval and adherence to the college's technology standards.
  2. An inventory of AACC technology assets will be maintained.
  3. IIT in conjunction with AACC departments will develop and execute procedures for appropriately tagging and tracking AACC technology assets.
  4. Technology software and applications must obtain IIT approval. Approval will be based on systems compatibility, security and accessibility.
  5. IIT will manage software licenses and ensure compliance with contractual and licensing agreements.
  6. IIT will develop requirements to ensure AACC technology assets are patched, updated, replaced and disposed, when appropriate.
  7. IIT will ensure security measures are implemented, commensurate with risk-based evaluation, to safeguard technology assets from theft and loss of confidentiality, integrity and/or availability.
  8. Users of AACC technology assets are required to report any loss, theft, damage or unauthorized access.


Exceptions to this ITR should be submitted to the vice president of Information and Instructional Technology Division, through the director of Information Security for review and approval. If an exception is granted a compensating security control or safeguard will be documented.



Review Process

Information Technology Requirements will be reviewed every 12 month or sooner, if required. Guidelines and Processes will be reviewed every 24 months or sooner, if required.


Guideline Title: Information Technology Asset Management Information Technology Requirement

Guideline Owner: Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology

Guideline Administrator: Director, Technology Support Services

Contact Information: Kathy Campbell,

Approval Date: Jan. 8, 2024

Effective Date: Jan. 8, 2024

History: Adopted Oct. 26, 2023

Applies to: Faculty, staff and students

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Forms: N/A

Relevant Laws: N/A