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Disney Institute is bringing their renowned professional development courses, “Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence,” and “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service” to Anne Arundel Community College.

Note: These events have been postponed and we are actively looking to reschedule.

Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence

Note: These events have been postponed and we are actively looking to reschedule.

A leader is far more than a label - leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. The most meaningful way to demonstrate these skills is to passionately communicate your shared vision and practice what your company stands for. Leaders also cultivate committed employees who strive to lead as well. It is this approach to leadership that is responsible for The Walt Disney Company legacy known around the world today.

Disney Institute offers leadership development through a time-tested approach that demonstrates the values and behaviors of exemplary leaders. Leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect find that they create stronger employee performance, exceptional customer service and ultimately greater business results. Connecting great leadership to improved performance is just one of the ways that Disney Institute helps organizations reimagine their results.

Disney’s Approach to Quality Service

Note: These events have been postponed and we are actively looking to reschedule.

Join us as Disney Institute facilitators share examples from previous Disney leadership experiences and show you how to truly understand your customer’s expectations and put the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them.

When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place and processes by putting the customer at its core, exceptional service becomes possible across customer touch points.

Quality customer service benefits:

  • Adapt time-tested Disney business insights to assess and improve your organization
  • Understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service
  • Recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships

 With more than 90 years of world-renowned customer service, no one understands this better than Disney. Join us!

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