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Woman attends Disney Institute virtually.

Disney Institute is bringing its renowned professional development courses, “Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence” and “Disney's Approach to Employee Engagement,” virtually to Anne Arundel Community College.

Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence

Mediocre leaders produce mediocre results. Don't be one of them! Spend one day with the Disney Institute and your organization can benefit from Disney's experience in leadership excellence. That experience that has resulted in world-class employee and customer satisfaction and bottom-line results. Let Disney help you learn to think differently.

Section CNS-574-201 
May 11, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. | $450
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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how great intentionality in every business decision, and in every aspect of an organization, can drive sustained business results.
  • Assess your organization’s capacity to deliver positive results.
  • Understand the leader's pivotal role in establishing an organization’s values and championing the vision.
  • Consider the ways values are created, and why it is important that values be intentionally designed.
  • Learn why a vision is essential for the successful growth of a company.
  • Learn how Disney leaders align their personal values with the organization’s values.
  • Acknowledge that every individual can be a leader.
  • Learn how to communicate your vision with conviction and examine personal methods for inspiring commitment in others.
  • Examine the connection between the leader’s values and the resulting organizational processes.
  • Identify moments where values are most at risk.
  • Understand that while organizational values must be defended, there are times when it may be necessary to change the organizational vision.
  • Examine the effect of every leader leaving a legacy.
  • Explore how a leader can intentionally write their legacy.

Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

Creating a culture of excellence requires the selection and training of the right employees. Sustaining a desired culture relies on high-quality communication and a genuine care for your people. Do you have what it takes to create a supportive environment for your people? Spend a day with the Disney Institute and your organization can benefit from Disney's experience in creating a sustainable culture and learn to think differently.

Section CNS-571-201
May 13, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. | $450
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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how focused intentionality can drive sustained business results.
  • Recognize that it is possible to create a workforce that consistently demonstrates desired behaviors.
  • Consider the benefits of employee engagement, and how to increase the volume of highly engaged employees within your organization.
  • Examine the importance of organizational culture by design versus culture by default, and the value of leveraging culture for strategic goals.
  • Analyze the correlation between desired behaviors and culture in addition to how both impact business results.
  • Identify new concepts around your selection process to achieve a talent pool with a greater propensity to perform your desired behaviors.
  • Explore the value of interviewing candidates to assess behaviors and cultural fit.
  • Understand the impact of deep cultural immersion in selection and training processes to develop employees who consistently demonstrate desired behaviors.
  • Recognize the correlation between achieving desired behaviors in an organization and how they are infused in the training processes.
  • Explore the effects of high- and low-quality communication within an organization.
  • Learn how a low-quality approach to communication will result in improvisation and disengagement.
  • Examine the impact of genuine care within the confines of the organizational environment and analyze its effects on customers and employees.
  • Explore ways to increase employee engagement by removing hassles.
  • Recognize the importance of employee recognition.
  • Understand how to hire and develop employees who consistently demonstrate desired behaviors through deep cultural immersion.

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