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medical coder entering information on a computer


Medical coding is the process of transforming descriptions of medical procedures and diagnoses into universal medical code numbers. These procedure and diagnosis codes are used by the health insurance industry, government health programs, workers' compensation carriers and others. Learn the skills necessary to deliver quality healthcare by capturing accurate and timely medical data with any of these classes listed below.

What courses can I take?

HTH-587 Explore a Career in Medical Coding

HTH-588 Explore a Career in Medical Transcription

HTH-513 HIPAA Privacy

HTH-526 Medical Reimbursements

HTH-532 Medical Transcription Part 1

HTH-533 Medical Transcription Part 2

HTH-573 Administrative Medical Specialist Part 1

HTH-574 Administrative Medical Specialist Part 2

HLH-376 ICD-10 Medical Coding

HLH-377 ICD-10 Medical Coding 2

How do I enroll?

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