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Image of a man landscaping.
If you're interested in landscape management, AACC’s Landscape Management Technician Apprenticeship program provides classroom and paid on-the-job, training at no cost to the apprentice. 

Join us for an information session to learn about the program, meet with prospective employers about their available job openings, and take assessments to ensure this opportunity is right for you. 

  • Bring your contact information and a list of previous employers (not resume).
  • For those attendees that are successful on the assessments, AACC will share their contact information with employers actively seeking new employees.
  • Assistance and no cost instruction will be offered to those who aren't employment ready.
  • Once employed in the landscaping industry, you will be able to enroll in the LMTAP, take this first step towards your new career.

Sign up for an upcoming information session.

What is the Cost?

The program is employer sponsored and free to the student.

What courses will I take?

The program includes 200+ hours of formal training and 2,000 hours of paid, on-the-job training. Students must complete the following classroom topics:

  • Apprentice Success
  • Landscape Plan Reading and Calculations
  • Turf Management and Pesticides
  • Landscape Design Implementation and Maintenance

 and either

  • English as a Second Language for Landscapers


  • Spanish Communication for Landscapers

What is the Job Outlook?

Maryland’s demand for landscape and groundskeeping workers is projected to increase by 4.7% between 2020 and 2024. The current median pay is $14.90 per hour.

Source: Emsi 2020.1