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If you're teaching college students or other adult learners, this continuing education noncredit certificate training will introduce you to successful teaching and learning strategies for reaching older students with diverse needs. Not only will you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a dynamic and motivating atmosphere, but you learn practical skills for presentation design, learning assessment and classroom management. 

What courses will I take?

Training consists of six courses which can be taken as credit (the first course number listed below) or noncredit. (the second course number listed). Each course is available in a convenient online format and is packed with practical strategies and techniques designed to promote instructional effectiveness, maximize quality teaching and promote student success.

Contact the TEACH Institute at 410-777-2915 for information and to schedule classes.

Required Courses 

EDU-210/TAD-301 Teaching the Adult Learner Offered in the fall

EDU-213/TAD-303 Strategies for Teaching Adults with Diverse Needs Offered in the spring

EDU-219/TAD-304 Assessing the Adult Learner Offered in the summer

Elective Courses (choose three)

EDU-212/TAD-302 Supporting and Engaging Students Offered in the fall

EDU-216/TAD-305 Technology for Educators Offered in the spring

EDU-217/TAD-306 Energizing your Presentations Offered in the spring

EDU-220/TAD-307 Innovation in Education Offered in the fall

EDU-230/TAD-308 Educator Portfolio Development Offered in the spring

EDU-236/TAD-309 Culturally Responsive Instruction Offered in the fall

EDU-271/TAD-310 Management Strategies in the Classroom Offered in the spring

EDU-209/TAD-321 Online Instructional Methods Offered in the fall

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What will it cost?

The program costs $780 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees.

What credentials will I earn?


Upon successful completion, you will earn an AACC continuing education certificate. To receive the certificate, submit a Student Application for a Continuing Education Certificate. Use certificate code CE.PATH.TEACH.ADULTS.


Completion of the required courses above with a grade of C or better will earn you a letter of recognition. To obtain the letter of recognition, you must submit a request to the records and registration office after completing all of the course requirements.

How do I enroll?

Register online, in person, by fax, or mail.


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