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As we continue to balance fulfilling our mission with the health and safety of our college community, more employees may return to in-person work as determined by supervisors based on the class schedule, student needs and the operations of that office.

Working on Campus

Not every employee will return to work in person on a full-time basis. However, we anticipate more faculty and staff returning to in-person work in fall 2021. AACC employees are expected to discuss a plan with their supervisors. The overall departmental plans have been reviewed by Human Resources and supervisors and will be communicated to staff.

If an employee cannot return to work due to health reasons, the employee should complete the appropriate documentation to request an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation. Employees who need accommodations will find three required forms on the Human Resources intranet page (1) Accommodation Request Instructions for the ADA process, (2) Accommodation Request Form for Employees, and (3) Medical Inquiry Form.

To arrange any unscheduled visits to campus, employees must contact their supervisor to obtain approval. Supervisors no longer need to notify public safety of their team’s schedule and/or obtain approval for employees’ presence on campus.


As AACC increases on-campus work, all employees are asked to continue to use remote meeting technology tools, such as Teams, when possible. Training is available on the use of this software.

If it is necessary to conduct a meeting in person, remote access for attendance should be made an option for individuals who are working remotely..


Starting July 1, college travel will be permitted with supervisor approval.

Faculty Considerations

Assistant deans and directors must ensure that the student information card template is revised and approved by a dean and vice president of learning. These information cards should be emailed to the students at least two weeks prior to the class, distributed to students on the first day of class and provided in the course syllabus.

Faculty will read the following script at the beginning of each class to remind students of their responsibilities for reporting any symptoms related to COVID:

Per the attestation form required for all in-person classes, you have agreed that by attending today’s class session, you are confirming that your conditions have not changed regarding health and exposure.

COVID-Related Student Absences and Hardships

Faculty are asked to be flexible when addressing academic issues with students, particularly in regard to COVID exposure and related illnesses. Please make every effort to work with students who are impacted and provide them with reasonable academic accommodations, including increased opportunities for Incompletes as needed, and allowing opportunity to make up any missed work as appropriate under these circumstances.

Faculty are also asked to use the early alert referral system to encourage students to reach out when they are experiencing issues (academic or otherwise). Faculty’s response to each incident may be course- or discipline-specific, so faculty are asked to consult with their immediate supervisor should they have questions regarding COVID-related student issues.

For the fall 2021 term, all faculty are asked to consider including the statement below on course syllabi:

AACC is aware of the impact of COVID-19 on its students, faculty, staff, and community. If you are experiencing difficulties in your classes as a result of COVID-19 or for any other reason, please contact your instructor as soon as possible so that options can be discussed. As your instructor, I will do my best to work with you throughout any COVID-related hardship as far as the course is concerned. For some courses, unfortunately, missing classes for an extended period of time may be an academic hardship, so please contact me the moment an issue arises.

Health Attestation

All students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to complete an attestation form. Please complete the appropriate form and follow our instructions.