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Beginning Algebra

4 credit hours
0.0 ceu hours

Study beginning algebra topics including properties of real numbers; solving equations, inequalities and applications problems; graphing; simplifying exponential forms, literal and rational expressions; polynomials and factoring; and solving single-variable linear equations and systems of two variable equations. Prerequisite: Achieving an appropriate score on the ACT or SAT, or completion of MAT 010 with a grade of at least "C" or scoring at an appropriate level on the Mathematics Placement Test. Note: You must receive a grade of at least "C" in MAT 011 in order to enroll in MAT 012. If you receive a grade of "D" or "F" in MAT 011, you must repeat the course. Each section requires a graphing calculator. The department recommends the TI-83 or TI-84 and uses one of these for demonstration. Sections may require extensive computer use for homework and quizzes. Contact instructor.

Selected Term: Summer 2015

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