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The Honors program is for high-achieving students who wish to excel in a diverse and interdisciplinary learning environment. The focus is on collaboration in learning, critical thinking, effective communication and ethical leadership. The Honors program maintains academic rigor while allowing flexibility for qualified students in all majors to receive recognition for their achievements. Courses are defined by a different method of teaching and learning.

Criteria for the Honors Program

  • Eligibility for ENG 121
    • Completion of ENG 111 or scoring an appropriate level on the English Placement Test.
  • Eligibility for Math 012 
    • Scoring an appropriate level on the Mathematics Placement Test.
  • High School grade point average of 3.4 or completion of 12 college credits with a grade point average of 3.4.
  • To remain eligible, students must maintain a 3.4 overall G.P.A.

Benefits of Being in the Honors Program

  • Choose from a number of Honors courses designed to provide more a meaningful learning experience.
  • Study, relax and use the computers in the Honors lounge.
  • Participate in a number of on-campus and off-campus activities sponsored by the Honors office.
  • Receive assistance from a personal admissions counselor during registration.
  • Benefit from taking classes with Honors faculty and other highly motivated students.
  • Receive assistance with applying for scholarships to four-year colleges and universities.
  • Graduate with an Honors distinction on your transcript.
  • Gain the competitive edge when applying to your transfer institution.
  • A variety of scholarships are available to you.  Honors program members who successfully complete an honors section (contract or stand-alone honors courses) may eligible to receive scholarship funds to cover the tuition for their next honors courses.  Please inquire at AACC's scholarship office.

    ***Students switching to an honors section of a course from a regular section, via honors contract, can switch back to the non-honors section up until the audit deadline for the term.  At the audit deadline, the change in section cannot be reversed.***