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Student meets with a counselor.
Are you the friend others turn to when they need someone to listen? Do you feel comfortable helping people confront challenges?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, a career in the field of Human Services could be right for you! Anne Arundel Community College's degree and certificate programs in Human Services and Addiction Counseling educate and train students to work as human services paraprofessionals.

With a stellar faculty who are professionally active in the Human Services field, students will receive the most current and hands-on education possible.

Career Degrees

AACC offers the following Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees. The state of Maryland refers to the A.A.S. as a career degree, because it's intended to provide you with skills to enter the workforce. In some cases, AACC has entered into transfer agreements that allow these degrees to transfer to select colleges. A list of active agreements may be found on this website. You can also learn more about transferring from AACC to continue your education.

Addiction Counseling, A.A.S.

Addiction is the number one public health issue in the U.S. today, according to the National Association for Addiction Professionals. With this issue comes the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled rehabilitation, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors. This degree will provide you with skills in counseling techniques for individuals, families and groups; assessment training; treatment planning; prevention and other topics related to addiction. 


Human Services, A.A.S.

This degree offers you opportunities to pursue positions in counseling, mental health, children, families, the elderly and corrections. This two-year program provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in areas such as counseling, psychology and social work.


Credit Certificates

Addiction Counseling  

AACC offers a certificate in Addiction Counseling which will enhance your skills in counseling individuals, families, and groups; assessment training; treatment planning; prevention and other topics related to addiction. 


Human Services

The Human Services (HUS) Certificate program gives you increased knowledge and upgraded skills in the human services areas. The certificate program is a great way for you to test your interest in the field before committing to the degree program. The requirements for the certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science degree in human services.


What can you do with a degree in Human Services?

With a degree or certificate in Human Services, you may pursue higher degrees and careers in:

  • Human services
  • Counseling
  • Social work
  • Addiction counseling
  • Psychology

Through field work experience and faculty with real-world experience and connections, you will be prepared to enter the workforce.

Addiction counselors work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Prevention programs
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Clinics
  • Detoxification settings
  • Medical and psychiatric hospitals
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Residential settings
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools

For outlook information about specific careers, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.


The Human Services program is accredited through the Council for Standards in Human Services Education (CSHSE).


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"I have done many online classes, however this class has given me something that I have never had before in an online class. In this class I was able to have a sense of connection with classmates, a sense of belonging, learn and build on my skills and have fun all at the same time. I have thought about the end of this class and I must say that I am not looking forward to it because I don’t think that I will get to experience another class like this.”

Bridget, student in Sara Meinsler's "Group Dynamics" (HUS 141)