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Begin Again Every Day

Midlife brings new challenges, new opportunities and more choices. Learn new skills to stay healthy in all realms of life - mind and body, caregiving, family, work and retirement.

Check out these two new webinars (available at no charge) to help you begin your ENCORE CAREER now!

Returning to School: Steps and Strategies for a Successful Experience

Allied Health: What is it? How do I get there?


Employment and Retirement

LFS-316 Downsizing: Moving Made Easy

LFS-315 Managing the Social Security Maze

LFS-327 Navigating Medicare/Medicaid

Family and Caregiving

COA-306 Caring for Aging Parents

COA-343 End-of-Life Care

LFS-335 Navigating Tools for the Caregiver

LFS-334 Caring for the Caregiver

Staying Healthy: Mind and Body

LFS-331 Healthy Aging

COA-364 Better Balance Workshop


COA-328 Encore Chorale

ART-941 Art History

Computer Courses

CPT-964 Windows 7 Basic

CPT-972 MS Word 10, Level 2

CPT-973 MS Excel 2010 Level 1

CPT-974 MS PowerPoint 2010 Level 1

CPT-976 Windows 8 Basics

Fitness Courses

HTH-925 Functional Conditioning 1

HTH-926 Functional Conditioning 2