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Want to become a Goucher Gopher? Each year, our students successfully transfer from AACC to Goucher College.

Transfer credits to Goucher College

AACC works closely with Goucher College to offer graduates a seamless transfer process. Here are a few of the advantages of starting at AACC:

  • Save close to $70,160 on tuition with two years at AACC followed by two years at Goucher College. 
  • Major in one of the programs listed below at AACC and get priority admission and direct transfer into Goucher College's corresponding major in junior standing. Or work with an AACC transfer advisor to customize your own academic program plan to successfully transfer.
  • Up to 60 AACC credits can be transferred and used for your bachelor's degree, including fulfilling most general education requirements or prerequisites.


Ready to develop your transfer plan? If you are a new student, apply to AACC to get started. Current students should speak with an AACC transfer advisor.

Scholarships for Goucher Transfers

Goucher College offers the following scholarships to transfer students:

  • Merit-based scholarships of up to $26,500 per year depending on academic performance.
  • Associates Degree Award of $2,500 for transfer students from any community college whom have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.
  • Phi Theta Kappa award of $2,000 for Phi Theta Kappa transfer students from any community college.

You can learn more about these and other scholarships, as well as their application requirements, on Goucher College's Transfer Scholarships webpage.

What can I study at Goucher?

Goucher offers several academic programs. AACC and Goucher have developed transfer agreements and select transfer guides to ensure that you transfer successfully. If your program or major is not listed, you can work with a transfer advisor at AACC to create a custom transfer plan.

The transfer agreements listed below assist students transferring from AACC to Goucher to complete a bachelor's degree. The list is organized by AACC major. The select transfer guides help specify which AACC courses you should take if you're planning to transfer to Goucher for one of the listed majors.

Goucher College

Memorandum of Understanding.


A.A. - Art History and Museum Studies

B.A. - Visual and Material Culture


A.S. - Business Administration Transfer

B.A. - Business Management


A.A. - English

B.A. - Professional and Creative Writing


A.A. - Psychology

B.A. - Psychology




We're here to help.

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