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During one of the most challenging, yet redefining moments of your life, we're here for you with flexible, personalized support, small classes and caring faculty.

We know online classes are different from being in the classroom, but this is a great time to join the thousands of online students already enrolled in our distance learning program. AACC has offered distance learning for decades – we're great at it! So whether you're a first-time student or returning to college after a long break, why not check out our programs? We’re committed to providing you with the same high quality, affordable education right in your own home.

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Your Online Experience

In January 2020, we offered 524 online classes. In April, that number skyrocketed, as 1,250 additional face-to-face credit and noncredit courses were converted to remote in response to COVID-19. AACC instructors stepped up with determination and enthusiasm, and continue to support each other — and our students — by sharing technological innovations and creative solutions that bring life to online lessons.

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Your Platform

AACC's online credit courses are provided through a learning management platform called Canvas. Using Canvas, instructors provide course materials, lectures, assignments and opportunities to interact with others in a virtual classroom. Some instructors use additional tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to add to the learning experience.

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Your Choice of Formats

There are many ways to take courses at AACC. Right now, most of our courses are online, but even within the online format there are different flavors. Some courses require you to log in and "meet" at specific times. Others do not. Check out our fun video to learn more. 

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Meeting Your Technology Needs

We work hard to make our courses as accessible as possible. A basic laptop, electronic notebook or tablet with stable internet access should do the trick. Lacking any of the above? We can help with everything from discounted software to laptops on loan.

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State Authorization

State and federal regulations require legal authorization for post-secondary institutions to offer distance education programs and courses to students who live outside the institution’s home state while taking classes. This may also include internships and clinical placements. If you reside outside of the state of Maryland, please review AACC’s State Authorizations.


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Virtual Campus


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Online Course Access

For information about your courses, including Zoom links and communication from your instructor, you will need to check Canvas.

Learn more about Canvas.