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At AACC, we know our students often have responsibilities outside of the classroom.

That's why we offer courses in a variety of formats online and at locations across the county. It's our hope that this flexibility makes it easier for you to fit college into your schedule.


Face-to-face courses meet in a classroom. An instructor provides a lecture or leads a discussion in person and you see your fellow students face-to-face. 


Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. A significant amount of class activity takes place online, so students spend less time in a traditional classroom.


Lectures and presentations for an interactive course are held in a designated classroom and broadcast to remote classrooms through video conferencing. Learners can interact with other students from around the state while attending class at AACC.


Online credit courses use the Internet and AACC's online learning platform, Canvas, to provide course materials and a place for instructors and students to interact. AACC offers its own noncredit online courses through Canvas and partners with a variety of vendors to offer a wide array of quality courses in many areas. Online courses cover the same material as traditional courses, but give learners the flexibility of studying where and when they want.

Note: Some online courses may require proctored exams or on-campus assessments at a testing center.


AACC offers courses on the weekend for students who need a flexible format and the convenience of a full array of support services without the wait. Students can complete degrees and certificates through a combination of WEEKENDYOU™, online and hybrid classes. Noncredit classes include wide array of subject areas such as culinary, computer, health, motorcycle safety, parenting skills and art to name a few.


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