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Now that you’ve applied, taken your placement tests and met with an academic advisor, you can register for credit courses at AACC! What will you learn? Who will you become? Answering those questions starts with choosing your first AACC classes. Be sure to register as early as possible – no one is given priority registration, so popular courses fill up fast.

And remember – if you need help, we are ready to help you through the registration process. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

How to Register for Credit Courses

New students must register in person, but if this isn't your first semester as a credit student, the simplest and most straightforward way to register is through your MyAACC account. Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to MyAACC. If you need help setting up or navigating MyAACC, this page may help.
  • From the menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Self Services > Credit Students > Registration > Register for Credit Sections.
  • Use the MyAACC credit course search to find classes that interest you. Be sure to note the course and section numbers for each class you want.
  • Select your classes. Each chosen course will be added to your checkout basket.
  • Review your registration results.
  • Make your tuition payment.
  • Log out of MyAACC and close your browser to ensure your session is completed.

After completing your online registration, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration activity. Check your class schedule in MyAACC for room updates before the term begins.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

Credit courses are offered in four terms – winter, spring, summer and fall. Registration for summer typically begins in March, fall registration begins in April, sign up for winter term in October and spring registration opens in November. In terms of deadlines, you must register for class before the first scheduled class meeting. We encourage you to register as early as possible to increase your chances of getting the course and section you want.

In general, the registration deadlines for the different types of classes at AACC are:

Type of Class On-time Registration deadline
Face-to-face classes meeting two or more days per week Before the first scheduled class meeting
Face-to-face classes meeting once per week Before the first scheduled class meeting 
Hybrid or online classes Before the first day of the session in which the class is offered


Spring Registration is Underway

Spring classes are offered in 15-week, 13-week or in one of two eight-week sessions. See below what courses are available starting as early as Jan. 23. For the most current information, check the course search or login to MyAACC.

Jan. 23 15-week session Too late to add a class.
Jan. 23 eight-week session Too late to add a class.
Feb. 4 13-week session Too late to add a class.
March 25 eight-week session View

Course availability is based on date of the report and may not reflect real-time updates. Check Course Search for real-time updates.

Need to make a change?

It is critical that you finalize your schedule well before the first day of class. Be sure not to miss the first class – research shows that your success depends on it. However, we realize that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances which call for a schedule change. In these cases, be aware you’ll need to act quickly as the window to make a change is short.

If you're adding a face-to-face course that meets two or more days a week, you have until the second scheduled class meeting to add it. Changes to hybrid or online classes can be made only until midnight on the first day of class. If you've missed the deadline, you'll need to search for a course that hasn't started, or in exceptional circumstances, you may contact the department chair for options.

Keep in mind the department is not likely to grant your request simply because you prefer a different instructor or the meeting time is not convenient to your schedule. If the department chair does grant your request, he or she will provide you a change form or an email to take to the Records and Registration office. If permission is granted, you have two days to take or email your permission to the records office.

List of Department Chairs and Directors


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