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Flags from many nations.

AACC welcomes students from all countries. We value the contributions of our international students to our diverse campus and believe their presence offers an opportunity for other students to gain a broader awareness of the world we share.

Admissions Process for Students from Outside the U.S.

If you have a visa other than an F-1 or you are an undocumented immigrant, please follow the regular admissions process and submit the acceptable immigration documentation to the Admissions Office. Undocumented immigrants may be eligible for the Maryland Dream Act.

If you are interested in obtaining an I-20 or Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status form, you should apply as an international applicant. If you are on a tourist visa, you must obtain a student (F-1) visa before registering for classes. Students who wish to meet with the International Admissions Adviser must schedule an appointment by calling 410-777-2677.

Application Deadline for International Applicants

Please adhere to the deadline established below for the international student application.

  Fall Term Spring Term
Obtain F-1 Visa from Outside the U.S. May 1 Oct. 1
Change of Status to F-1 within the U.S. April 1 Sept. 1
Transfer of F-1 Visa or Status July 15 Dec. 15

Admissions Requirements

To receive an I-20 or Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) Student Status from AACC, you must meet the admission requirements for international students

1.  Submit the AACC Admission Application for F-1 Student Status.

The admission application is FREE.

Use your legal name as it appears on your passport and supporting documents. When completing your application, be sure to provide a complete international permanent address — not a P. O. Box — so we can issue your I-20 form. Don't forget to sign your application. You may apply online or download the International (F-1) Student Admission Application Form.

2.  Submit your official or certified copies of transcripts or high school diploma/certificate. 

These documents should verify graduation from secondary and post-secondary schools attended. If you attended another college or university in the U.S., official transcripts from that school also must be submitted.

If you wish to transfer credits from a college or university from outside the U.S. to AACC, that transcript must be submitted for review and evaluation by a professional credential evaluating agency. AACC only accepts credential evaluations by World Education Services (WES), Educational Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE) or SPANTRAN. Students in the Financial Accounting certificate leading to the CPA examination may also use the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

These organizations will review your transcript and prepare a report providing course title(s), grade(s) and number of credit(s) in U.S. equivalents. In some cases, students may have to provide the credential agency with the course syllabi and/or course descriptions from the college or university to establish any course equivalencies.

The following checklist will help as you complete the transcript evaluation process:

  • Determine which agency you would like to use from the list provided.
  • Complete the required application (paper or online).
  • Indicate which type of evaluation you need.
    If you wish to transfer college credits to AACC, request a course-by-course evaluation.
    If you only need a high school evaluation report, request a general or document-by-document evaluation.
  • Submit required documentation and payments as instructed by the agency.
  • On your application, request that a copy of your evaluation be sent directly to:

Anne Arundel Community College (AACC)
Records and Registration, Student Services (SSVC) Building 140
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012

Once the college receives your evaluation report from the credential agency, it will be reviewed by the college transcript evaluator for transfer credits applicable to the program of study or major you are pursuing at AACC. Allow three to four weeks for this to process.

If you have any questions, or if there are any discrepancies regarding the transfer of credits you received from AACC, contact:

Records and Registration
Tel. 410-777-1816
Fax 410-777-2489

3.  English Proficiency (TOEFL, SATACT or AACC English Placement Test)

You must provide the college with verification of your proficiency in English.  You may submit copies of your test score reports with your application materials. AACC's TOEFL code is 5019.

Please note: The AACC English Accuplacer Placement Test is only available for students who are in the United States at the time of their application.

4. Financial Certification.

You must certify that you have sufficient funds to support your one academic year of study and living expenses. You may submit the completed Statement of Financial Resources Form and an official bank statement. If a U.S. resident sponsor will support you, you must submit their bank statement and completed affidavit of support form (Form I-134). The form is available at  

Estimated Annual Expenses for Associate Degree Students (fall and spring terms)
Tuition and Fees $13,160
Books and Supplies $1,602
Living Expenses* $16,588
Total $31,350

Estimated Expenses for English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Students 
Tuition and Fees $5,307
Books and Supplies $1,602
Living Expenses* $16,588
Total $23,497

*Living expenses include costs for housing, food and health insurance.

$5,000 per dependent

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

See additional information about tuition and fees.

5.  A copy of your unexpired passport ID page.

Do not send original passport.

You must pay the SEVIS fee and print the receipt at least two days before your visa interview. To pay, go to

Note:  All documents must be submitted in English or with English translation by a certified translator. Only complete applications will be reviewed for I-20 issuance.

Mail your application form and materials to:

Anne Arundel Community College
Admissions and Enrollment Development
Student Services Center
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012-1895

Delivery of I-20 form using special courier such as DHL, UPS, Federal Express, etc.

To ensure your faster delivery requests are not delayed,  remember to:

  • Include a valid, prepaid air bill or shipping label when you submit your application or documentation. Providing a prepaid shipping label directly from the delivery service is the best way to avoid delivery errors. You will not need to write in an account number if you use a shipping label.
  • Enter your name in both the “to” and “from” fields on the air bill or shipping label.
  • Never list AACC as the sender and do not mark “bill to sender.”
  • Pay all delivery costs in advance, and include the prepaid air bill or shipping label with your submission.
  • If the delivery costs are not paid in full, or if you do not choose to send us a prepaid air bill or shipping label, we will send the documents to you by regular U.S. mail to the address indicated in your application form.

Admissions Process for Students already in the U.S.

Transfer of F-1 Status from another U.S. Institution

If you have an “ACTIVE” status in SEVIS, you may apply to transfer by submitting all materials listed in the Admission Requirements.

Important Note for new F-1 students: If you have an initial I-20 form, you must be enrolled at AACC within 30 days of arrival in the U.S. to maintain status. Otherwise, you must go home or enroll at the current school then transfer at the end of the term.

Additional requirements for transfer students:

  1. A copy of your passport (biographic page).
  2. A copy of your F-1 visa stamp.
  3. A copy of your I-94 (card or printed from the internet
  4. A copy of all I-20 forms issued to you.
  5. A copy of your Approval Notice for Change of Status to F-1 (if applicable).
  6. Transfer Eligibility Form signed by your current DSO.

After your SEVIS record has been released to AACC, you must contact us 15 days before the start date of your classes. A new I-20 form will be issued to you.

Change of Status to F-1

If you have a valid nonimmigrant status and you are eligible to change status in the United States, you may apply at AACC. Applicants in J-1 status who are subject to the two-year home residence requirement (Section 212e) are not eligible to change status unless a waiver is granted by the USCIS. 

How to apply: Prepare your documents listed in the Admission Requirements, then schedule an appointment with the International Student Admission Advisor. AACC does not provide assistance with filing the I-539. If you require assistance with USCIS filings, please consult an immigration attorney. 

What to bring on your appointment with the international student advisor:

  1. A copy of your passport.
  2. A copy of your visa.
  3. Form I-94 (print from
  4. Form I-539 (download from .
  5. G-1145 (download from .
  6. Letter explaining why you want to change your status to student.

When the I-20 form is issued, you must pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee at, print the receipt, then mail your entire application packet with appropriate filing fees to USCIS (follow filing instructions and from the USCIS website). 

Please contact one of the international admission advisers below for assistance with non-US citizen admissions:

Emma Thompson
Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)

Michaela Knowles
Designated School Official (DSO)