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2018 Ceremony to be held on Stadium (Siegert) Field

Due to continued rain and water-soaked fields, the graduation tent could not be installed. Even as the rain dissipates, the ground will not dry out sufficiently in time to safely install the tent.

Image: Siegert Field

After a thorough review of on-campus and off-campus alternatives, the best and safest solution has been determined:

  • The ceremony will take place on the stadium field (Siegert Field) without a tent.
  • Bleacher seating will be used for guest seating in the stadium and tickets will be required.
  • Guests are encouraged to prepare for sunny skies. Seat cushions will be permitted.
  • The simulcast will be held in the air-conditioned seating of the Pascal Theater for anyone who wishes to view the ceremony from there. No ticket is required for this location.
  • Parking for graduates will be in lots C&D.
  • Handicapped parking will be along the lower section of Lot D, closest to the Stadium entrance.
  • All other details of the event will remain the same.

Cap and Gown, Announcements, Invitations and Tickets

April 12 through May 8
(Distribution begins 10 a.m. on April 12.)
Graduates and graduation applicants may pick up announcements, invitations, tickets and may purchase cap/gown.

Graduates who have demonstrated financial need may qualify for assistance with the expense of the cap and gown by completing a “Regalia Scholarship Application” by April 6 through the Financial Aid office.

Extra Tickets

At the time graduates purchase their cap/gown package and pick up guests tickets, they may submit a request form, available in the Bookstore, for extra guest tickets. Only one form will be accepted per graduate. A drawing for extra guest tickets will be done at random on May 16 and those graduates will be contacted. (Note: Quantities will be limited per selected graduate to a maximum of two extra tickets and may be further limited based on availability).

Commencement Day

On Thursday, May 24, graduates MUST report to Jenkins Gymnasium no later than 5:30 p.m. for lineup and instructions. Allow adequate time to arrive on campus and park. DO NOT BE LATE. There is no rehearsal for commencement. Signs posted on the doors of the gymnasium will direct graduates to the appropriate area.

We look forward to celebrating our graduates’ achievements!