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MAT-201 Calculus & Analytic Geom 3

Extend the ideas of limits, differentiation and integration to two or more dimensions. Study vectors and vector functions, partial differentiation, gradients, directional derivatives and tangent planes, optimization, Lagrange multipliers, iterated integration, line and surface integrals, and the classical theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. Prerequisite: MAT 192 or equivalent. Note: Also offered as MAT 201H; credit is not given for both MAT 201 and MAT 201H.

Term: Fall 2021

Course Type: Credit - 4 Credits

Section: 200

Ways to take the class: Online

Start Date: 08/30/2021

End Date: 12/19/2021

Location: Online

Room: TBA

Instructor: TBA

Class Size: 25