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BIO-137 Weight Mgmt: Health Diet/Phys

Introduces students to the concepts of energy balance, healthful eating patterns and physical fitness for healthy living. The course examines many of the biological and environmental theories associated with weight management and reviews current research in this area. Emphasis is also placed on physical fitness compatible with the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight. Popular diet programs will be reviewed and evaluated with regard to weight management and overall health impact. Note: Also offered as HEA 137; credit is not given for both HEA 137 and BIO 137.

Term: Winter 2023

Course Type: Credit - 1 Credit

Section: 200

Ways to take the class: Online

Start Date: 01/03/2023

End Date: 01/15/2023

Location: Online

Room: TBA

Instructor: Carmen Roberts

Class Size: 25