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AACC is a partner with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) in its initiative, General Education Mobile (GEM).

GEM is a partnership with CCAF and civil academic institutions to offer a cluster for freshman/sophomore-level courses through online delivery. AACC offers online courses in each of the five general education areas: mathematics, written communication, oral communication, social/behavioral sciences, and arts/humanities. Tuition is based on residency; some fees apply. Courses are offered in 15-week, 13-week and/or eight-week terms.

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Written Communication 3 ENG-101 Academic Writing & Research 1
Written Communication ENG-102 Academic Writing & Research 2
Mathematics 3 MAT-100 The Nature of Mathematics
Mathematics 3 MAT-137 College Algebra
Mathematics  3 MAT-145 Precalculus 1 (formerly MAT 141)
Mathematics  MAT-146 Precalculus 2
Mathematics  3 MAT-135 Statistics
Mathematics MAT-191 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1 
Mathematics  MAT-192 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 2 
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 AMS-100 Intro to American Studies
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 AMS-121 Popular Culture in America
Social/Behavioral Sciences ECO-116 Inside the Global Economy
Social/Behavioral Sciences  HIS-211 History of the U.S. Through the Civil War
Social/Behavioral Sciences  3 HIS-212 History of the U.S. Since the Civil War
Social/Behavioral Sciences  3 PLS-111 American Government 
Social/Behavioral Sciences  PSY-111 Intro to Psychology
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 SOC-111 Intro to Sociology
Arts/Humanities  3 PHL-141 Intro to Logic
Arts/Humanities 3 PHL-142 Ethics
Oral Communication 3 COM-111 Fund. of Oral Communication



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