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More students than ever before are taking out hefty loans to go to college. A full year at AACC, however, costs about $4,000, not counting any scholarships or other financial assistance many of our students earn. That means starting your four-year journey at AACC can save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and costly student loan debt.

Best of all, AACC offers quality courses taught by expert professors. All general education credits are guaranteed to transfer to Maryland state institutions and many out-of-state and private colleges. Don't let the cost of a college education scare you. Start your journey at AACC, save thousands on your degree, and spend your time and energy on transforming your future.

Compare how AACC plus the four-year institution of your choice can save you money!

Below is a cost comparison reflecting area schools based on 2021-2022 tuition and fees. You also may use numbers from this handy database — courtesy of The Chronicle of Higher Education — to compare costs of schools across the country.


Bachelor's Degree
All 4 Years at
4-year Institution

Bachelor's Degree
2 Years at AACC*,
2 Years at 4-Year Institution

Cost Savings

University of Maryland
Baltimore County
$49,120 $8,800 + $24,560 = $33,360 $15,760
University of Maryland
College Park
$43,820 $8,800 + $21,910 = $30,710 $13,110
Towson University $41,856 $8,800 + $20,928 = $29,728 $12,128
Salisbury University $40,752 $8,800 + $20,376 = $29,176 $11,576
Frostburg University $38,376 $8,800 + $19,188 = $27,988 $10,388
University of Baltimore $37,456 $8,800 + $18,728 = $27,528 $9,928
University of Maryland
Global Campus
$36,720 $8,800 + $18,360 = $27,160 $9,560
Bowie State University $34,253 $8,800 + $17,127 = 25,687 $8,326

*Approximate costs assume Anne Arundel County residency.


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