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Tuition and Fees

Financial aid is first applied against your unpaid tuition and fees. The credit is made on your account after the drop period has concluded and after attendance has been recorded. Award amounts for scholarships and grants are adjusted to reflect your actual enrollment at the conclusion of the drop period.

  • Financial aid will only pay for classes required for the eligible associate degree or certificate program you are pursuing.
  • Financial aid will fund only one additional attempt of a successfully completed course.
  • You must be marked as attending classes and meet all other eligibility criteria to receive a financial aid disbursement.
  • You must be taking at least 6 eligible credit hours to receive a Federal Direct Student Loan disbursement.
  • Audited courses are not eligible for payment by any financial aid programs.

If you are registered for classes, you can use View Disbursements on the MyAwards option on Financial Aid Self-Services to see how your financial aid will be applied to your term balance.

Pending financial aid may not show up on your term balance until the day after you register. Our system checks to see if your classes are required before making the calculation; this process happens overnight.

To check the status of your financial aid, go to: MyAACC > Menu > Self-Services > Financial Aid.

  • If your financial aid covers all of your charges and there are funds remaining, you will be issued a Financial Aid Refund.
  • If you are not eligible for financial aid based on your actual enrollment or your financial aid is not enough to pay your tuition, fees and book charges, you must pay the balance by the end of the term.

You can view and make a payment on your term balance using MyAACC> Menu> Self-Services> Financial Information. AACC's cashier’s office emails students about payment due dates.

Books and Supplies

Eligible enrolled students whose grant, scholarship and/or certified loan funds exceed their charges may be eligible to use book advances to charge their books against pending financial aid. Each term, AACC's financial aid office emails eligible students with their book advance information.

If you are not applying for financial aid but need help purchasing books, you may still be eligible for a book advance. All of your tuition payments must be current with the AACC cashier’s office to be issued a book advance. Book advances may be used only for books and supplies at the AACC Bookstore. All charges and must be paid off by the end of the term.

If you haven't received your advance by email or are interested in a book advance because you're current on your tuition payments, email for information.

VA Book Stipend Benefits

The college also offers an AACC Bookstore line of credit up to $500 per term to those using their VA benefits at AACC. The amount spent will be added to your bill for the term. It is your responsibility to pay the account in full by the due date of the last payment plan installment.

Learn more about using VA Educational Benefits at AACC.

How to Purchase Books Online using a Book Advance with the AACC Bookstore

  1. Visit the AACC Bookstore online.
  2. Click buy textbooks under the textbooks heading.
  3. Use the drop-down boxes to select your term and courses.
  4. Add the items to your cart and then click my cart or the continue to checkout button next to where you selected the term.
  5. Log in using your AACC Bookstore username and password or continue as a guest. New users will need to create a brand new account with the bookstore.
  6. Carefully read the textbook substitution policy, as this concerns possible adjustments to your order.
  7. Enter your shipping information and proceed to the payment information area.
  8. On the payment information screen, select book advance under the payment method. Be sure to enter your AACC student ID number with any leading zeros. This number should be seven digits.
  9. After applying the advance to your order you should see, "You have satisfied your payment requirements. You can now complete your order."
  10. Click the option below to review your order, then click place my order.

Book purchases cannot be charged without a valid AACC student ID number. Your AACC student ID number is listed in MYAACC when you log in to the portal. It also appears on many of the communication you receive from the college, including your billing statements and student schedule. 

Financial Aid Refunds

If your total financial aid exceeds your tuition, fees and book charges, you will receive the balance of your financial aid in the form of a refund. You may use these funds to help pay other education costs such as child care and transportation.

E-Check (Electronic Checks)

An e-check refund is a direct deposit that is made via an electronic transfer to a personal checking or savings account in the United States. E-check refunds are a safe and secure way to make sure your money gets into your account in the most convenient way possible. You also won't have to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail.

If your account is not verified prior to the refund processing, it will result in a paper check. This may happen if you set up your account information at the same time the check process is running. A verified account will have a green check mark in the “verification” column. You can only have one bank account active to receive funds.

Go to MyAACC > Menu > Self-Services > Financial Information > Banking Information to enroll.

Refund Checks

Refunds not authorized for direct deposit will be mailed to students within 15 days of the time the disbursement is made. Direct deposit, depending on the bank, can take up to five business days.

  • Federal regulations require you to cash a federally funded refund check (Title IV funds) in a timely manner. All refund checks expire 180 days from the issue date of the check.
  • If you do not cash your refund check within 180 days of the original refund issue date, AACC will cancel the check and the funds will be returned to the loan or grant fund that created the credit balance.

FWS/ISAP Work Study Programs

Students employed under these programs receive bimonthly payroll checks for hours worked.


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