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Enroll in a Noncredit Payment Plan to Help Budget Your Class Costs.

Take advantage of this convenient method to help make paying for your education a little easier! Timing is everything, so give yourself enough time to set up the payment plan before your class starts and maximize the amount of time you have to pay for your course(s).

How Do I Set Up an Automated Payment Plan?

Payment plan options are dependent on the start and end dates of your class or classes. You can only enroll in one payment plan per term (summer, fall, winter or spring). The full guidelines are included below, but we recommend you discuss payment plan options and details with our staff to ensure you enroll in the correct payment plan. Call 410-777-2325 or email

Step One: Find Your AACC ID Number

Are you a New Student?

If you are a brand new student, you will need to register for your classes and create your AACC student account before you can set up your Nelnet payment plan. When you register, indicate you will be paying with a Nelnet Payment Plan and send an email to that you need your account created to set up your payment plan. Our team will process your registration and you will receive the automated messages and instructions to set up your account and password. You will receive an email or text depending on the information provided when you create your account.

Returning students can log into MyAACC, go to self services and then click the Person icon in the top right corner with your name. Your AACC ID number will be shown on that User Profile page.

Step Two: Prepare the Required Class Information

We recommend you discuss payment plan options and details with our staff to ensure you enroll in the correct plan. Contact information is included above.

Enrollment/Availability and Requisites

You must enroll in a payment plan before you can register for the noncredit class (see exception note above for New Students). There is a $25 nonrefundable administrative fee for enrolling in the payment plan, so you should make sure the class you want is not full before you enroll. Use the course search to determine if a class is still available or contact the Instructional Support Center for assistance.

Some classes require you take another class at the same time (corequisite), successfully complete a different course or attend an orientation session before you can enroll in that course (perquisite). You must make sure that you have completed the appropriate requirements to be eligible to enroll in the class before completing a payment plan. These requirements will be included in the course descriptions found on the course search.

Start Date

The start date of your class(es) is important because students may not register for noncredit classes after the start date. You should not enroll in a payment plan if the current date is after the start date of any of the classes you would like included in your payment plan.

End Date

The end date of your payment plan must be at least one day before the end date of your class. The end date is the final payment in the plan you select in the Payment Schedule portion of the Nelnet payment plan creation process.

If you would like to set up your payment plan to cover the costs of multiple classes in the same term, you will need to use the earliest end date from any of the classes to determine your payment plan end date. Here is an example for your reference:

  • To cover three classes in the fall term with end dates of Nov. 19, Oct. 16 and Dec. 14, the payment plan will need to end before the earliest end date of the three classes, which is Oct. 16.

Total Cost

Course costs are included in descriptions on the AACC course search. Those costs are for students with residency in Anne Arundel County. If you live out of county but still within Maryland, you will need to add an additional $10 per course to your total costs. If you live out of state, you will need to add an additional $25 per course to your total costs.

It is important to calculate your total costs correctly, so contact the Instructional Support Center if you have questions or need assistance. If you set up your payment plan for less than the total cost of your class(es), you will have to pay the difference at the time of registration. If you set up your payment plan for more than the total cost of your class(es), you will not be issued a refund until your payments through Nelnet exceed your total costs for your class(es).


Below is a checklist to complete before moving to the next step. You must answer yes to all questions to successfully create a payment plan. Additional details and instructions are included above along with contact information for the Instructional Support Center who can also help you answer these questions.

  • Are seats still available in the section?
  • Have you completed all requirements to enroll in the class?
  • Is the start date for your class(es) after today?
    Note: if today is Friday or Saturday, your start date cannot be before Monday to allow time for our office to process your registration.
  • Have you identified the earliest end date of the class(es) that will be included in your payment plan?
  • Have you calculated the correct total cost for your class(es) including any out of county or out of state fees?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may proceed to the next step. If not, contact the Instructional Support Center to see if there is any other way we can assist you with your registration and payment.

Step Three: Enroll in a Nelnet Payment Plan

Read through the step-by-step process here before proceeding to the Nelnet website:

  1. Complete the checklist in the Review section of the previous step if you have not already.
  2. Go to the Nelnet Payment Plan website for AACC.
  3. Create a new account or log in to your existing Nelnet account.
  4. Select the term from the drop-down list that matches the term in which you are registering and click “Set up a Payment Pan.”
  5. Read the Welcome page information and click Begin.
  6. Review your information and confirm who the student is for this payment plan (this requires your AACC student ID number); click next at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Enter the total cost for your class(es) using the guidelines provided in the previous step; click next.
  8. Payment plan options will be presented in groups based on their ending month; for example, “Payment Plan Ending in August.” Scroll to find the heading with the same month as the earliest end date of your class(es) you identified earlier.
  9. Review the information under the Available Payment Days column; you will need to select a Payment Day that is at least one day before the earliest end date of your class(es). If you see a Payment Day that will end before your earliest end date, select that plan and click Next.
    Note: If there are no Payment Days listed that are before the earliest end date of your classes, you should select a payment plan ending in the month earlier (one heading above). If there are no payment plans ending a month earlier, we do not have a payment plan available that fits your needs. Please cancel out of the process and do not complete any additional steps.
  10. Enter your credit card or other payment information for your payment plan and click Next.
  11. On the Payment Schedule screen, select the Payment Day you identified earlier. Review the dates and payments listed to ensure the final payment is at least one day before the end date of your class. Then click Next.
  12. Then review all of the details for your payment plan on the Review and Authorize screen. Once again, ensure the last date under the Future Payments Schedule falls before the end date of your class (or the earliest end date of your classes if the payment plan covers more than one class). After you have reviewed all of the details, click the check box to confirm you have reviewed and accept the terms and conditions and then click Authorize.
  13. On the Thank You screen, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the button to send a copy of your agreement to your email account. You must submit that with your registration form for us to be able to process it. You may also want to print the document for your records.

Step Four: Submit Required Materials to AACC

You should register for your class(es) with AACC as soon as you receive your payment plan confirmation. Our classes can fill quickly and you will not receive a refund for the $25 administrative fee if the class fills before your registration is processed.

To register, follow guidelines on the Noncredit Registration page and be sure to upload your Nelnet payment plan agreement to your student profile if you register in our online Noncredit registration system. 


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