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Stories that Redefine

Pre-apprenticeship pays off

Deon’s journey is an example how a pre-apprenticeship program can open doors to fulling careers and make an impact in the workforce.

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Mother and Daughter Make Most of Ratcliffe Scholarship Program

When Theresa Bustanoby saw the impact the Radcliffe Scholarship Program had on her daughter Tia, she was inspired to begin her own entrepreneurial journey.

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Bridging Worlds: The Art of Belonging

Arts integration is the practice of combining arts education with other academic subjects to encourage students to explore and understand complex concepts that might be challenging through more traditional teaching methods alone. With their shared love of the arts, professors of anthropology and English came together to create an arts integration for their students.

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Change leads to unexpected opportunities

Emily Archer returned to AACC to pursue a new path and found unexpected passion along the way.

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A box opened like a book with elements such as a music sheet, the word

Art transcends language

The English Language Learners in College program partnered with the Visual Arts department to give students more opportunities to express themselves.

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When Average Isn’t a Bad Word

Chris Garvey believes his academic journey had a slow start. Then a friend talked the Pasadena resident into trying AACC.

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