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Meet AACC's Amazing Faculty

A group of faculty members dressed in academic regalia pose and smile outside at Commencement

Wingspan, Spring 2024

AACC’s faculty are the heroes of our innovative and award-winning academic programs. When you step into an AACC class, your professor is not just a teacher. They're a pro with loads of training and experience in their field, which means they bring years of expertise (and cool stories) to you.

Of our more than 220 full-time faculty, 90 have earned their doctorates. More than 40% have earned their Ph.D. or the top-level degree in their field. Many more have earned master’s degrees or advanced certifications. Several are certified through AACC’s Engagement Coaching program, which means they have developed specific skills to help students on their educational journey.

Our faculty are not just highly educated. Many of them have spent years working in their field and some continue to do so. For example, Heather Langley, professor of massage therapy and physical therapy, operates her own massage therapy business and practices physical therapy in a continuing care retirement community. Before switching to a career in teaching, Joe Johnson, associate professor in the Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute, spent 27 years as a police officer.

Our faculty are local experts too. Dan Nataf, professor of political science and director of the Center for the Study of Local Issues, conducts surveys of Anne Arundel County residents and students. His survey findings are often reported in the local news. Shad Ewart, assistant professor of business management, is a go-to media source for the latest on the cannabis industry.

Most of all, our faculty embrace AACC’s core values. They’re all about making everyone feel welcome, building relationships and creating chances for you to shine. In return, they get inspired by the students in their classroom.

“I am in awe of my students on a daily basis,” said Carolyn Pratt, assistant professor and chair of the Achieving College and Career Advancement department. “Learning is not easy on its own, and then to add all of life's trials on top of it makes going to school tough. But the Riverhawks show up no matter what, ready and wanting to learn. I love my students! I love seeing their growth and watching those Riverhawks spread their wings and soar.”


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