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Pre-apprenticeship pays off

When Deon Gough Jr. began the HVAC pre-apprenticeship program in 2023, he had no idea that his journey would lead him to an exciting employment opportunity as an apartment maintenance technician where his new-found skills would shine. He is learning the ins and outs of HVAC systems from diagnosing issues to performing repairs and maintenance and applying his newly learned skills to his job. He has been able to promptly respond to maintenance requests and troubleshoot HVAC issues at work. 

The instructor makes it fun, and every day I am learning something new. Just hang in there. It’s worth it, especially now that I have a job and able to apply my new skills. It’s inspiring to know I have a job making money and my employer pays my rent, electric, water and cellphone. I am also looking forward to getting a raise after I complete the program.


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