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A new adventure starts at AACC

Community college students are not just confined to the classroom. They actively seek out connections and opportunities beyond their coursework. Engaging in extracurricular activities, internships and community involvement allows students to expand their networks and enhance their skills.

For Ben Surosky, a transfer studies student focused on political science, joining extracurricular activities has been instrumental in his personal and career development.

“I was kind of frustrated by my lack of connections to people on campus, so this (past) year, I decided that I needed to join a club,” he said.

As an Eagle Scout, he wanted to join a club related to outdoor adventures, which unexpectedly guided him to a leadership role in the Adventure Club. Through this experience, he made connections with like-minded students and developed a sense of pride when he organized events, including local hikes.

Surosky also emphasized the significance of internships and the valuable work experience he gained.

“This spring I did an internship in the Maryland State Legislature. I was interning under a senator there, so that was some pretty nice exposure that made me more secure in my choice of political science.”

His internship experience provided him with practical insights, networking opportunities and increased confidence in pursuing a career in his field of interest. He credits AACC with pushing him toward that opportunity.

AACC students have a wealth of opportunities and connections available to them beyond the classroom. Taking advantage of these opportunities is crucial for personal growth, career development and a successful transfer to four-year institutions. These experiences can shape a student's academic journey and open doors to future success.

Learn how to get involved or find an internship.