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AACC Student Awarded Anna and John Dragun Memorial Scholarship

Chris Swift Scholarship
“The one question on my mind when preparing for college was how am I going to afford this?” wondered AACC alumnus, Chris Swift.

Working full time and attending the college, Swift was thankful to be awarded the Anna and John Dragun Memorial Scholarship while at AACC. “It’s difficult for me to put it into words how much this means to me, as I’m a first-generation college student and I never thought that I would have the support of such incredibly generous people,” Swift said.

Swift also credits some of the people he met along the way as part of his success. “Thinking back on my last few years at AACC, I have stayed motivated because I made so many amazing connections with classmates and other people. I had so many people helping me on my journey at AACC.” After receiving the scholarship, Swift completed his journey at AACC. He graduated in May of 2018 and is planning to continue his education at the University of Maryland College Park.

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