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Printing a Solution for Health Care Heroes

3D printer and face masks.

Wingspan, Fall 2020

When engineering transfer student Pat Geballa first used a 3D printer in Associate Professor Tim Callinan’s class, he had no idea his newfound interest would quickly become a much-needed skill.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Geballa, along with Callinan and AACC Instructor Tim Tumelty, began the 3D printing of face masks from their homes to support health care workers. Callinan coordinated the effort with the Eclipse Group Inc., which completed and delivered the masks to Anne Arundel Medical Center and other locations. As of April 2020, Tumelty, Callinan and Geballa had made 200 masks.

“We’re going to keep printing them until someone tells us to stop,” Callinan said. “It sounds like the nurses and first responders are definitely using and appreciating them.”