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My success in the ELL program

Fatma Ebaid holding a certificate of completion in front of the fountain at AACC Glen Burnie Town Center.

Learning to speak a new language in a new country can be daunting. Through the English Language Learning program, Fatma Ebaid improved her skills and is proud of how far she has come. Below you will find, in her own words, how the program has helped her start a new chapter of her life.

My name is Fatma Ebaid. I am a U.S. citizen. My native country is Egypt, and my first language is Arabic.

Being able to speak more than one language has become very important for people who like to improve their skills for more chances of getting a better job. After I graduated from Cairo University in Egypt, I felt that I should improve my skills. Studying English as a second language became one of my goals, because it is an international language. It is the most common language to make the people keep in touch, even though they have a different language and come from different countries.

When I came to the United States the first time, the culture shock I faced – and it was a challenge for me –  related to the English language with the American accent because it doesn't work exactly like I studied in my country. It has a big difference in the accent, the speed and the way that the people speak, so I determined to study English as a second language because I felt embarrassed. That motivated me to attend AACC’s English Learning (ELL) program, which is bound to benefit me for the rest of my life.

Joining Anne Arundel Community College is a good way for me and for others, it is within reach, and not impossible to join English as a Second Language classes, even in person or online classes. About eight years ago, I joined the AACC, and the first people I met to enroll for study were Mrs. Hannah Barger and Mrs. Andrea C. Jones. My first impression of the college was from them. My impression was more than excellent for the help they provided me to study, and I will never forget them. Now I feel proud of myself after I completed the ELL program, which will help me to achieve my educational goals. My plan is to continue studying in the law field, which I graduated from back at Cairo University. I am going to study paralegal in AACC, and I am thinking for more to study.

At last, I would like to say THANK YOU so much to all people in AACC, starting from Dr. Dawn Lindsay the president, and all employees at AACC. And to all the staff in the ELL office, also to my instructors who taught me, Mr. John Henken, Mrs. Jane Elkin, Dr. Anila Strahan, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Kirk Palchefsky, Mr. James R. Knipe, Mrs. Gail M. Dadourian, Mrs. Taina I. Hanno, Mrs. Sharon A. Shreet, Mr. Kirt M. Ways, and Mrs. Carol B. Siegel (class ELL 320-301). Thanks to anyone who helped me and supported me during my study.


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