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Johnny Garcia-Ventura

Johnny sitting and smiling at the camera.

When Johnny Garcia-Ventura came to AACC, he wasn’t sure where to start. Along the way, though, he found a path and leadership opportunities.

“I thought it was just going to be as simple as taking five classes a semester, walking in, walking out and then grabbing the diploma at the end,” he said. “But so much more has happened and I'm very grateful for that.”

Garcia-Ventura not only majored in psychology but also pursued a certificate in gender and sexuality studies, completed an honors project, was president of the Psychology club and was a supplemental instructor. Supplemental instructors are students who hold optional study sessions outside of a class.

“SI (supplemental instruction) has been such a life-changing program. Not only have I learned more about ... psychology, but I really learned how to communicate with others,” Garcia-Ventura said.

His advice for any student? Take classes that are interesting even if they seem challenging. They often lead to the most influential opportunities.

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