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Gaining a Deeper Understanding

Students in a drumming class

Former AACC student Christian Edwards (pictured on the far right) discusses his experience in the Talkin’ and Testifyin’ Learning Community, which features Fundamental of Oral Communication (COM-111) and African American History (HIS/AFA-214). 

I was in a Learning Community at AACC before transferring and graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park, as a communications major. I was hesitant to take this Learning Community, not understanding what it would look like, but I’m so glad my guidance counselor talked me into it! It was hands down the most valuable and impactful experience of my collegiate career.

This Learning Community allowed me to not only learn about the culture of African Americans, but what it truly means to be able to walk in a room of people that don’t always look like me and be confident that I can understand them at a deeper level no matter what they look like.

Having the same group of students in both classes created an extremely comfortable environment where we pushed each other to be the best versions of ourselves possible. I still keep in touch with all my classmates because of the very special connection we shared together. I love to hear about the successes and new adventures that come their way.

My professors were a pleasure to learn from. Their knowledge in their fields combined with their passion for seeing their students succeed echoed throughout the entire classroom. I’m so thankful for my time with the learning community.  It changed my life and is a memory I’ll always cherish.