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Meet the Road Hawks

Group shot of the Road Hawks with their cars.

Have you met Swoop, our beloved mascot, and his feathered fleet of Road Hawk student drivers? If you’re out bird watching, you might spot a Road Hawk in a neighborhood, shopping center parking lot or on an AACC campus. If you see a Road Hawk car, you’ll want to snap a photo or take a selfie. You could be eligible for one of the social media photo contest prizes throughout the year! Road Hawks also carry a stash of giveaways and information about the college, so don’t be shy, if you have time to meet one, feel free to chat and see about any college freebies they may have on hand!

Want to be involved? Learn more about the Road Hawks campaign.


300x300 image of Swoop with car.

Swoop, the official mascot of Anne Arundel Community College, is not your ordinary Riverhawk. As the college’s fun-loving mischievous raptor, Swoop has been spreading his wings and making students smile since he hatched in 2015. Meet the rest of Swoop’s troop below!


300x300 of Road Hawk, Darius

Darius is earning his degree in surgical technology and currently works as a patient safety attendant.

“I love the affordable prices of Anne Arundel and appreciate how dedicated all the staff are and how passionate they are about teaching and helping their students learn!”


300x300 of Road Hawk, Tasha.

Tasha, pictured with her husband, is earning her certificate in database administration to get a better understanding of how to efficiently organize information within a business.

“I love the ease of online classes offered by the college because it allows me to work while getting my degree.”


300x300 of Road Hawk, Kristin.

Kristin is pursuing a degree in nursing while balancing life as a working mom.

“I love that Anne Arundel has a hybrid program that I am able to participate in and take some classes online and some in person which really works for my busy schedule.”


300x300 image of Road Hawk, Lei

Lei is working towards a mathematics degree. Since English is not Lei's first language, he appreciates how his professors take the time to help him understand the material he is learning.

“I love all the friendships I’ve made so far.”


300x300 image of Road Hawk, Philesha.

Philesha is also working towards her nursing degree and can't wait to start helping people as a registered nurse.

“I was very excited to hear that the nursing program has a 100% passing rate.”*

*Students who complete the RN program have a greater than 92% first-time pass rate on RN-NCLEX. Students who complete the Practical Nurse program have a 100% first-time pass rate on the PN-NCLEX.


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