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Flying into a New Career

Tina stands in front of an AACC building.

Tina Newton was working as a flight attendant with a regional airline when she realized she wanted something different. The solution became clear—go back to school.

Where to further her education became an easy decision: “Community college really gives you that opportunity to test the waters,” she said.

Newton said she would tell others questioning their own career direction to go for it. “I would tell people to especially start at a community college,” she said.

Newton credits her courses and dedicated teachers for helping her get on track with a career she would enjoy and take the right steps to get there. “I would suggest getting a mentor,” she said. “It’s easier to bounce back from bad news when you see your future goals achieved through your mentor.”

In her time at AACC, Newton also interned with the college’s Public Relations and Marketing office, an experience she called “life changing.” Though an undecided major in the beginning, she said it helped her find direction. “It is very important to have these opportunities outside the classroom,” she said.

Newton is currently a student at Notre Dame of Maryland University, where she was recently selected as the Youth Representative to the United Nations. “I plan to use my new position to encourage community members to reflect and act on global and domestic issues that are important to them,” she said.

The experience might come in handy with her desired career in diplomacy or political affairs. Perhaps she will come full circle and flying will be part of her future career, but this time as the traveler.